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Anderson Mastronelli

CEO & Senior Colourist

I am a Brazilian Hairdresser who came to Dublin in 2016 to study English and to find a job in Business. Who would have said I'd ended up opening my own business?

Even if I studied to be a hairdresser I've never thought it was going to be my life dream job.

Here in Ireland, I rediscover this passion and I understood how beautiful is to transform someone's life through the hair.

My passion is to show the ladies how beautiful they really are and how a hair transformation can reflect on the inside, giving them happiness and self-confidence.

Our Team

Sheila Lopes.JPEG

Sheila Lopes

Ricardo Mungard

Junior Colourist

I am a Brazilian business graduate, mother of Lucas and have been living in Dublin since 2020

I found myself as a hairdresser when I started helping my friend as a hobby, but I fell in love with being able to boost women's self-esteem!

Often clients come in frustrated or just wanting a change, it is rewarding for me when we can enhance their beauty through this amazing transformation.

Pleno Colourist

I'm  a professional stylist and makeup artist. What I love most about my job is being able to bring out the beauty to the clients' hair. Seeing their happy faces when they see the result is just a wonderful feeling that I wouldn't change for anything else.  

Working in Anderson's salon is one of the best experiences I have ever had, and that marks a big step on my carrier growth. The people who work here are more than a team, we are a family.

Our Values

Our studio is a place of sophistication with a unique experience when doing your hair, a true moment of self-love.

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